Apostolic Doctrine



Written By: John Gentry

Welcome to Apostolic Doctrine!

The popular paper published by Irvin Himmel in the 1960s has been resurrected to benefit another generation of those who are diligently seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Visit the ‘About‘ section to learn more about the history of Apostolic Doctrine.

A new issue of Apostolic Doctrine is now available (February 2015). The current issue includes the following articles.

Theme: Understanding Authority

1. The Necessity for Authority, Irvin Himmel
2. Different Sources of Authority, Stan Adams
3. Authority in Spiritual Matters, David Dann
4. Authority in the Home, Steve Monts
5. Authority in Society, Matt Adams
6. How Do We Determine Authority?
7. Direct Commands, Lance Blackburn
8. Approved Apostolic Example, Billy Randolph
9. Necessary Inferences, John Gentry
10. Specific Authority, Boyd Jennings
11. Generic Authority
12. The Authority of Elders, Marc Gibson
13. Authority in the Local Church Without Elders, Randy Blackaby
14. The Authority of God’s Word, Frank Himmel
15. Is Silence Authority? Jesse Flowers

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