Apostolic Doctrine



Written By: John Gentry

Welcome to Apostolic Doctrine!

The popular paper published by Irvin Himmel in the 1960s has been resurrected to benefit another generation of those who are diligently seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Visit the ‘About‘ section to learn more about the history of Apostolic Doctrine.

The first new issue of Apostolic Doctrine is now available. The current issue includes the following articles.

Prospectus by Stan Adams

What Shall We Do to Be Saved?

The Need of Hearing and Believing by Heath Rogers

The Need of Truly Repenting by Jarrod Jacobs

The Need of Confessing Jesus by David Halbrook

The Need of Water Baptism by Joe Price

What Shall We Do to Stay Saved?

The Need of Praying for the Christian by Steve Wallace

The Need of Studying the Bible for the Christian by Steven Deaton

The Need of Clinging to that Which Is Good by Justin Monts

The Need of Seeking the Kingdom First in Attendance by Phillip Stuckey

What Shall We Do to Have Godly Homes?

The Need for Godly Husbands and Fathers by Phillip Martin

The Need for Godly Wives and Mothers by Jesse Flowers

The Need for Disciplining Our Children According to God’s Word by John Gentry

The Need for Children to Obey Your Parents by Art Adams

[Coming Soon] The Need to Avoid Divorce and Stay Married by Wayne Seaton

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